About Zen Yoga

The Art of Zen Yoga was developed by Aaron Hoopes and is founded on 30 years of study, training and instruction in tai chi, qigong, yoga, and the martial arts.

Benefits of Zen Yoga

Through mindful breathwork instruction, in combination with gentle stretching and movement techniques, Zen Yoga can reduce stress , release toxicity, raise metabolism, improve circulation, relieve chronic pain and tension, leading to better health, vigor and longevity.

Each part of the body receives sufficient energy and exercise to build strength and flexibility, loosen stiffness, improve function and create lightness. It is suitable for all body types and ages. The simply meets you where you are, regardless of physical limitations or fitness level.

It’s not about what you can’t do.

Zen Yoga encourages stretching, moving and breathing at your own pace and will give you immediate, positive results. It is an energizing, non-fatiguing practice which contributes positively to energy levels, mental and emotional stability. 




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