Zen Yoga Book

Zen Yoga:A Path to Enlightenment through Breathing, Movement and Meditation


“A great book for meditation and yoga newcomers who would like an overview of three paths to help attain inner peace.” – Cathrine Gale, Bunrie Times, Tasmania, Australia

“Aaron Hoopes shows us how to breath and relax! His knowledge combined with the wonderful step by step pictures in this book is a must have for all who want to start yoga or continue to grow with it.” – Patricia Kimball, Ludlow, VT

“This book is incredibly thorough, and bursting with Hoopes’ obvious passion for this practice. There are fascinating sections of the book dedicated to breathing, which will be of great use. To compliment the excellent and thorough text comes the beautiful photographs and demonstrations.  With clear, precise descriptions enhanced with great photography, this beautifully illustrated book brings to life Hoopes’ deep knowledge, experience and enthusiasm for Zen Yoga.” – Shaun Banfield, The Shotokan Way

“Aaron Hoopes is a true Master. In Zen Yoga, he has created a revolutionary system that is a perfect synthesis of his in depth knowledge of breath, body, mind and spirit…a detailed and comprehensive body of work, complete with clear and concise photos, training charts and explanations, that is certain to change the lives of all of those exposed to it.” – Michael Berger, Ken Zen Ichi Do

“Aaron Hoopes’s book contains simple breath and mind-body exercises that are not out of the reach of ordinary people. Zen Yoga has worked for my patients. I plan to use this book for them (and myself) and to recommend it to anyone looking for an honest and practical, yet sophisticated book on yoga.” – Reza Yavari, M.D., clinical faculty at the Yale School of Medicine, and author of It Must Be My Metabolism

“Aaron Hoopes’ Zen Yoga has helped me immensely with my dancing. It has given me control and flexibility. The combination of stretching, breathing and balancing relaxes and realigns the body. I would recommend this easy, enjoyable program to anyone.” Charlotte Poulsen, World Pro/Am Dancesport Championship Finalist


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A simple yet profound way to create a healthy body, a stress-free mind, and peaceful sense of well-being.

Zen Yoga is the culmination of the more than twenty five years of study and training by its founder Aaron Hoopes in the practical and spiritual arts of Japan, China, India.Zen Yoga is a gentle practice, combining the mindful serenity of Zen Meditations, the graceful movements of Tai Chi, the energized breathing of Qigong, and the peaceful stretching of Shanti Yoga.

By blending the essential elements from these four practices, Zen Yoga works on a number of levels physical, mental, and spiritual. On the physical plane, breathing, moving, stretching, and relaxing exercises promote a healthy body by providing a well-balanced toning of the muscles and organs. Mentally, Zen Yoga can play a substantive role in neutralizing stress and increasing concentration. It also improves blood circulation, boosts metabolism, betters the immune system, encourages weight loss, and promotes restful sleep.

At a deeper, more spiritual level, Zen Yoga fosters harmony in your daily life by helping you live in full awareness of the present moment and by opening the way to enlightenment. Best of all, it fits easily into the busiest schedule. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner, Zen Yoga offers a new way of achieving health and an inner peace that is at once accessible, gentle, and adaptable to current yoga practices.

Zen Yoga is a perfect supplement for martial artists, dancers, gymnasts, athletes or anyone involved in physical arts. It prepares the body to respond to whatever you ask of it.


Author: Aaron Hoopes

Publisher: Kodansha International

Details: Paperback  192 pages

ISBN: 9784770030474

Release Date: October 2007

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