Spiritual Deepening Course

Finding Balance: Crafting the Soul & Cultivating the Spirit

Deep within us is an impulse which, once sparked, drives us to seek out answers to sacred questions. Perhaps we feel dissatisfied by what we have achieved or compelled by a divine longing for something that will bring deeper meaning to our lives. Spiritual Deepening is a practice to take you inwards to discover the unique core that exists within your Being. It will assist you in reconnecting with the spirit and energy of the natural world and give yourself an opportunity to open your experience up to both the soul within you and the spirit of the universe. Too often in today’s busy world we are cut off from our connection to ourselves as well as the magic that exists within nature.

This 8-week course offers an opportunity to open a direct experience of union with Gaia by reestablishing a connection to the sacred spirit that dwells not only within the plants and animals, but in the earth, fire, winds and water of the natural world. The email-based lessons will challenge you to turn your attention towards the energy of nature that exists all around you and help you to see the world as a whole interconnected web of life. Discover why we as humans often feel a sense of balance and wholeness when we escape into the natural world of mountains, oceans, lakes, deserts and forests and re-connect with our true nature.

You will be shown simple techniques that will enable you to:

  • seek answers to problems

  • discover your life’s purpose

  • connect with spirit, your spirit allies, animal guides or ancestors

  • move beyond outmoded paradigms

  • activate a transformation and renewal process

  • find truth, balance and peace

There is something about being alone in the wilderness that brings us closer and more aware of the sacredness of our Being and our relation to the universe. All of creation, the seen and the unseen, are all related.

While this course doesn’t take up a lot of time, it does require some reading, active participation, self reflection and deeper thought in written responses to the lessons.

Course Outline

Week 1Exploring Soul & Spirit

Soul work is concerned with our relationship to our self. It is about turning our attention inward and discovering that part of ourselves which never sees the light of day. Spirit work is concerned with turning our attention outward and seeing the light and energy that exists within all things. This lesson will expand our understanding of the difference between Soul and Spirit and help us with life’s challenges.

Week 2Heart-Based Perception: Communication with Nature

Learning to use the heart as an organ of perception opens a vast expanse of new and wonderful experiences. Communing with the natural world allows us to remember things long forgotten. This lesson introduces nature-based interaction using the senses and discovering allies in the plants and animals..

Week 3Honoring Earth, Sky and the Four Directions

As humans we often feel as if we are the center of the universe. This lesson puts things in perspective and gives us an opportunity to show gratitude for the whole world as we realize our true place and give thanks to the spirit of creation.

Week 4Ceremony & Ritual

Ceremonies and rituals are a method for connecting to the spirit of creation. They bring an authenticity to our lives that goes much deeper than the surface walking we do in the busy hectic world. This lesson will introduce simple practices that can have a profound effect on you and your life.

Week 5Sacred Realms

Many people in the world today have become entangled in their busy hectic lives that they have forgotten all knowledge of the sacred world. This lesson introduces methods for entering the sacred realms and learning to interact with honor and reverence for the elemental forces found there.

Week 6The Taoist Path

Taoism is a 5,000 year old tradition. It is based on living in harmony with the natural world and uncovering the connection we have with all things. The Taoist Path is focused on the internal spiritual unfolding of the individual as he/she comes to an understanding of the forces of balance (yin/yang) and energy (qi) that govern all of creation.

Week 7Xing & Yi: Emotional Mind & Wisdom Mind

Xin, the emotional mind, is quick and agile. Yi, the wisdom mind, is calm and clear. This lesson will introduce methods for bringing them into harmony with each other and activate a transformational healing process.

Week 8Sacred Journey: Connecting the Inner and Outer Realms

While soul and spirit can be seen as two different things they are actually opposite sides of the same coin. It is in the realization of this that we can truly embody our selves and understand our purpose in this life.

COST: $475

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Cancellation Policy: Due to the fact that you will receive a home study course only 50% of your payment is refundable prior to the 4th week. After the 4th week the amount paid is not refundable.


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