Zen Yoga Online Correspondence Courses


The Fundamentals of Zen Yoga

This interactive course is comprised of 12 weekly E-Mail based lessons designed for anyone who seeks a little more structure and understanding in their quest for spiritual deepening and growth. It delves into the philosophy and practice behind Eastern holistic healing arts such as Tai Chi, Qigong, Zen and Yoga. The Fundamentals of Zen Yoga is a structured program enabling students to bring positive change into their lives immediately through the exploration and practice of breath, movement, meditation, mindfulness, healthy eating & lifestyle. Learn more


Zen Yoga for Massage Therapists (4 CE Hours)

Zen Yoga is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Provider. Zen Yoga can be a wonderful addition to Massage Therapy. It is a means of preparing each client to better understand the function of his or her own body, mind and spirit, and how to find a peaceful balance between all three. Learn more


Mindful Eating Online Course

The Mindful Eating Online Course is an in-depth opportunity to explore the training and teachings discussed in the Zen Anti-Diet book. The 6-week email-based program is designed to provide more specific guidelines to help you fully integrate the principles of the Zen Anti-Diet into your daily life. Learn more


 Finding Balance: Crafting the Soul, Cultivating the Spirit


This 8-week course offers an opportunity to open a direct experience of union with Gaia by reestablishing a connection to the sacred spirit that dwells not only within the plants and animals, but in the earth, fire, winds and water of the natural world. The email-based lessons will challenge you to turn your attention towards the energy of nature that exists all around you and help you to see the world as a whole interconnected web of life. Learn more



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